Thursday, 7 May 2009

Free Comic Book Day

Firstly, You look Like A Little Kid With A Beard is celebrating 2 years of blogging. Tell him how awesome he is and you could win a copy of the new China Mieville book. Aces, go on with you and get writing!

It was FREE Comic Book Day last Saturday which is always good fun for us at the shop. And though we're only a little place and there's only me and Haroon working there I hope we still get across the atmosphere of Geek Christmas to our customers. We had a lovely day!

My Spidey painting:

Haroon showing off the stash first thing in the morning. Meanwhile our customers were scratching at the shop shutters while I tidied, and it was all a bit Dawn of the Dead. "Green Lantern Blackest Night Issue Zeroooooooorrghhh!"

Comic fans and newbies alike descended on the heap of comics just after opening!

Oh dear. It wasn't very impressive by lunchtime.

My friend Tom and I kept trying to spread them out a little, so it didn't seem quite so sad.

But none of our fancy handiwork could save it after this point...

The day was saved by this fine gentleman! On picking up the final free comic we dubbed him Winner of Free Comic Book Day. Congratulations!

I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. Apologies for the slow updates lately by the way. A mix of working on my portfolio, working a little extra at the shop and being poorly. How very typical of me.


Unknown said...

Whilst hiding downstairs the noise was insane, I can confirm that it sounded like a zombie apocalypse and for some reason said zombies had decided to ransack a comic book shop.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, I'll get you a beer at Birmingham this year and introduce you to any Titan types who make it up with me.


AdamBombTV said...

I... I should have come early (breakdowns, sobs)