Thursday, 28 May 2009

Gumbo WIP and retro doodles.

So Andy of Kapow Toys added to my list of sketchbook subjects last week, asking me if I remembered the Toxic Crusaders cartoon. Boy howdy I did! So here's Toxie in all his mutated glory. Also fabulous Space Jesu- I mean Ulysses. Who doesn't have a lightsaber at all. I swear.

And Gumbo's progress. I have more to do on the colouring and there's more rain to add, but I thought I'd throw it up for c&c. It's developing okay so far! More dramatic than I expected.

And yes I have finally watched the end of Transformers Animated. Mannnn. :(


KT said...

Lovely stuff. Space Jesus needs his little robot though.

The Gumbo page is cracking. Can't wait to see more.

Cadwell said...


Also, I like the rainbow war paint, nice touch.

David Baillie said...

Greeeeat Ulysses!