Tuesday, 31 March 2009

End of the month sketches.

While I'm colouring this chap at home, I've been doing a few sketches on my work breaks. First up a little robot. I think he looks pretty derivative, though I like him. But I can't put my finger on what or who he looks like! Suggestions welcome, they'll win you a free tea from me at the shop. Maybe a biscuit too.

So I don't fall into a habit of drawing too many safe subjects I got some friends to throw out a few doodle suggestions over the weekend. I'll try and sketch at least one of these every day this week. Ian started off by telling me to draw some Daredevil characters.

Sulky git! Well after that I cheered myself up by drawing Gumbo getting mauled by an army of small toy bears.

Plenty more coming later this week!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Deedot and the Cyclops.

Originally I was going to aim for putting a new finished piece up here every Friday, with sketches and so forth going up every few days. Instead I went ahead and just got this all coloured today. When I do personal work I realised that I slow down a lot. No more! My next piece is half inked already and I have more sketched out.

If I stick to my new artwork schedule, Gumbo and Deedot (the lady knight in the stupidly tall tree) should be seen in a mini comic for Birmingham International comics show.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Let them nom cake.

My Raphael seemed to go down very well at the Drink and Draw yesterday and has ended up as the background of the MCC for the moment. Cowabunga and all that jazz! Click this link to read Adam Cadwell's report on the Edible Drawings Drink and Draw and see more of our cakey offerings.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Drink and Draw 14

Spent this evening out at Sandbar with the lovely fellas of the Manchester Comix Collective. The theme was edible drawings and our good friend Tom made a wonderful assortment of muffins and cakey things for us to draw on with icing and then eat. Add to those the massive cookies Adam Cadwell brought...well it was a sad sight of bloated, tipsy indie artists and cartoonists found around that table at the end. Everyone just wanted to curl up and sleep, the atmosphere was so pleasant.

When the photos are sorted out I will post up my edible doodles. But while the cakes were going around I also did a few sketches in my book. First some character design scribbles that degenerated into drawing the Power Rangers. Hmm.

Working a little on posing characters:

Gumbo background work. Possibly the entrance hall (well, one of them) for the castle in the evil tree I posted earlier in the blog.

Gumbo stands off against some dragony, alien buggy thing. This one is definitely getting inked and finished at some point.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Finished Megatron

Ooo. It's not just a sketch. I am determined to produce more finished pieces over the next few weeks. And critique more than welcome, I know this is 'done' but I really need to push my self more and more at the moment. Any thoughts will be more than helpful for the next illustration.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Batgirl, Deedot and Cynopolis.

I haven't really read any Batgirl comics but of all the female Bat characters I do like her design the most. No flowing long hair or high heels!

Earlier in the blog I posted some development sketches of a knight style character called Gumbo. The following lady, Princess Deedot, is from the same comic book idea. I have some more sketches of her to add later.

Deedot stuck up a tree facing a giant tubby cyclops?

And some city doodling. I really need to give my background work a kick up the bum because I still think it's the weakest part of my comic work. So I've been making myself do more pages like this.