Friday, 20 March 2009

Finished Megatron

Ooo. It's not just a sketch. I am determined to produce more finished pieces over the next few weeks. And critique more than welcome, I know this is 'done' but I really need to push my self more and more at the moment. Any thoughts will be more than helpful for the next illustration.


Unknown said...

Hey mate, good to see you today, sorry Dave was stuck at home. And cracking Megatron, by the way.

Marcus said...

Thats awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this. Maybe you should submit it to Steve White at Titan as a special one off poster.


Abby Ryder said...

Wow thanks guys! I hope to be putting up an inked and coloured piece each week. That's my goal now

Little Kid: I'd love to, I should be sending my work around more I know. I will have a go!