Thursday, 15 January 2009

Delivery Day Doodles

Thursday in the UK is our comics delivery day, which means being in early to meet the TNT van and staying until late to run our comics and gaming night. Phew! So it's a little tricky to set Thursday on my new artsy timetable. Let's take Thursday as a day for random doodles. Afterall I sketch while I do the brews (need plenty of those for delivery day). And today I spent my lunch break at the Nexus art cafe near my shop, snuggled into one of their big comfy chairs with a hot chocolate and my sketchbook. Plenty of time for drawing there!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Some wise dudes said FOCUS.

I admit I am a little topsy turvy at the start of this new year. I'd love to be doing more proffessional work, colouring or drawing and I'd love to be working on my own comic ideas. I really need to sort out my portfolio too. But I always end up getting a bit lost and frustrated over what should be my priority. Before work I always have a mild panic. "I have an hour to work on something, BUT WHAT?!"

I've decided to plan my weeks between any art jobs I get. Each day I'll focus on one project. Today Dave and I started reworking some character designs for one of our comic book ideas. Here's one of them!