Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Some wise dudes said FOCUS.

I admit I am a little topsy turvy at the start of this new year. I'd love to be doing more proffessional work, colouring or drawing and I'd love to be working on my own comic ideas. I really need to sort out my portfolio too. But I always end up getting a bit lost and frustrated over what should be my priority. Before work I always have a mild panic. "I have an hour to work on something, BUT WHAT?!"

I've decided to plan my weeks between any art jobs I get. Each day I'll focus on one project. Today Dave and I started reworking some character designs for one of our comic book ideas. Here's one of them!


Lizz said...

Ahh I get that too, like I feel like I have SO much to do that I can't manage to focus on anything. Making lists helps I find! Great character designs- a hug from him in those big arms would feel so safe :oD

Abby Ryder said...

Yeah it's a silly problem! And I have a terrible habit of losing lists, but I do feel a bit more on top of it at the moment.

I'm glad he looks huggable, Dave was worried that he might be a bit TOO evil. I think he needs to be a bit of both. :-)

Lizz said...

ha, oh good! i was worried after i'd written the comment that you might say he is SUPER evil and not meant to induce thoughts of hugs! He does have a menace to his brow and the spikes might not be so nice, but I think the big chest and flowing cape give him that softer edge!