Sunday, 31 August 2008

Riddle De Dee!

So I'm still hunting for references for Tron, another challenge from my friend Ian, so skipped ahead and did the Riddler first.

Quiet week sadly! I'm just colouring Tom and Jerry 24 at the moment, so sketchbooks and Nemesis Fleet come second for now. Nearly done though, and I should get some more doodles done on my lunchbreak tomorrow.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sketch Dumping

I have managed to keep myself drawing every day for the last few weeks, though this doesn't quite translate to "post to blog every day". It's been a good exercise, I feel like I'm speeding up and building confidence along with it. I work five days a week but have always felt that I could be producing more artwork during my time off.

Continuing my attempts at drawing female heroes: Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel and Spidey Woman.

And a new challenge from my mate Ian, Etrigan the Demon!

Finally here's how my silly Transformers Animated poster is going so far.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Even more DC.

So in trying to keep up my daily sketching I had my mate Ian suggest some characters to doodle. Not sure I'm so successful at the evil ladies and the whole Sexy Sexy Danger aspect, is that good or bad? I just hope I'm capturing some of the personalities. Two-face was the most challenging and enjoyable character.

Poison Ivy:

Harley Quinn:


I need to do some finished images of some of these characters!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

DC Theme

I promised you Batman so here is some Batman and Robin. There was also some movie recently, I hear it's done alright for the character.

We saw it on Imax and it was very nice. Well okay, nice is a terrible word to use to describe this film. It's a grim thing and probably takes itself a little too seriously, but I enjoyed it a lot.

I don't usually draw many superhero characters but I've been feeling all inspired lately to try and draw some of the wimminfolk. I don't know if my skills are mighty enough to make them look badass though.

The trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman animated film looks interesting.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Sketch Dump Time!

Apparently this new Transformers cartoon is so much fun it's made me draw regularly again. You guys can ask me to my face "Abby, dear, why this particular cartoon? Why why why? We all think it's a bit pants really. And your new collection of the toys is ever growing and starting to scare us." Well you can just shush and go over there in the LAME corner.

The designs are awesome and Derrick Wyatt is a frikkin cool character designer alright.

These are heavily referenced from screenshots. Hey you try drawing these dudes from scratch. There's all complicated bits and stuff.

Blitzwing is crazy and german. This, of course, is awesome.

Ninja Prowl is also awesome.

If you don't like Sari then you have no soul. Man I wish I'd had loads of giant robot pals when I was 8. No one would have made fun of me liking Ninja Turtles instead of My Little Ponies then.

And this is for a big picture I'm working on. I promise that tomorrow's sketch dump will be completely robot free! It'll have Batman. Yeah! I mean, BATMAN.