Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sketch Dumping

I have managed to keep myself drawing every day for the last few weeks, though this doesn't quite translate to "post to blog every day". It's been a good exercise, I feel like I'm speeding up and building confidence along with it. I work five days a week but have always felt that I could be producing more artwork during my time off.

Continuing my attempts at drawing female heroes: Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel and Spidey Woman.

And a new challenge from my mate Ian, Etrigan the Demon!

Finally here's how my silly Transformers Animated poster is going so far.


Anonymous said...

Um, why is this TFA poster 'silly' ?

I think it kicks ass.

Paul Ridgon said...

Abby, that's AWESOME! You should really submit some stuff to Titan, just on the off chance. Let me know if you need details...


M@TtHeW said...

My eyes have gone blind from pure AWESOMENESS!!!