Monday, 9 March 2009

Batgirl, Deedot and Cynopolis.

I haven't really read any Batgirl comics but of all the female Bat characters I do like her design the most. No flowing long hair or high heels!

Earlier in the blog I posted some development sketches of a knight style character called Gumbo. The following lady, Princess Deedot, is from the same comic book idea. I have some more sketches of her to add later.

Deedot stuck up a tree facing a giant tubby cyclops?

And some city doodling. I really need to give my background work a kick up the bum because I still think it's the weakest part of my comic work. So I've been making myself do more pages like this.


Unknown said...

cool redesign

Anonymous said...

Liking your Batgirl Abby.

Any chance of seeing a green lantern design :D

keep up the great work, looking kool.