Monday, 18 May 2009

Gumbo's progress (and more Tom and Jerry!)

Today I figured I would show you all what Dave has been doing for me lately. He's inking the Gumbo comic at the moment and I've picked out a panel from the first page for you to see.

Loverly jubberly, thanks for inking my rough as hell pencils dear! I can't wait to start colouring these pages. It's going to be a very fun little comic. Imaginary Gumbo #0! Don't forget that name! And while we're on the subject of Dave he has also been working hard on issue 2 of The Demon Tomato. You can see a few preview images on his blog here. Issue 1 is still on sale here, or at my shop Travelling Man in Manchester, or you could pick one up with a beer at Sandbar!

Here's another issue of Tom and jerry too that I coloured a few months back. Pencilled of course by Lee Carey and inked by Bambos Georgiou.


Bill Hook said...


I love your work! Fantastic stuff!!!!