Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Nemesis and Ninjas

I'm currently working on more sequentials for my portfolio which I can't really post yet, but I still doodle between things. Found myself starting with the first Nemesis the Warlock collection and have been loving it. So these characters will keep popping up in my book.

And of course the ninja turtles are stuck in my head, what with it being the 25th anniversary.


Anonymous said...

Torq to me!

AdamBombTV said...

*Starts singing the early 90's Ninja turtle Theme* ...Thats gonna be in my head all day.

This is the guy who picked up your deadpool card today (4/5/09), just in case you were wondering who the hell I was.

Abby Ryder said...

Hey dude! I figured so, apologies if I seemed a off at the counter today. I had just lost some really important papers and was slightly stressing out about them. I hate losing stuff! :)

I found them in the end!

Zak said...

Hey Abby, cheers for stopping by my Blog the other week, sorry for the slow reply! Awesome blog you've got here by the way!