Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Gumbo, Rita, Nemesis and Robots.

This is one of those awful weeks where it looks suspiciously like I'm doing nowt. No worries, I'm colouring a new issue of Tom and Jerry at the moment! But I've also been getting my first Gumbo comic strip started and have been wondering whether I should put some images from it up here. I've decided to put up page one, and update you on each step so you can see how I make my comics. Dave has just started inking this page.

I don't know why I wanted to draw Rita Repulsa. I forgot that she had those, er, pointy parts on her costume. And how did she get her staff back every episode anyway? Didn't she throw it to Earth from the moon to make the monsters go big? Man that show confused me.

Tom said it would be interesting if I tried drawing Nemesis the Warlock from 2000AD. I knew very little about the character but that's going to change because HOLY COW he's one cool looking dude. What an awesome design. We've got the collections in my shop so I'll be sneaking quick reads on my breaks.

And I finished Jetstorm and Jetfire! They are cute as the dickens, their bad english makes me happy.

The image with Gumbo and the many eyed dragon thing is still on the way. The colouring on the beastie however was not going in a direction I liked, so I restarted him. Dowhhh.


Anonymous said...

Nemisis is one of favourite characters of all time. I love what you've done with him. There is a particulr story called 'The Feast Of Samarkand' or something... it's teh awesome.
Would love to see what else you do with his Warlockness.

Abby Ryder said...

Thanks mate! I'm just flicking through the collections at the shop, it looks great. And I love the artwork. I think I'll end up doing a full colour Nemesis piece once I've read a few more of the stories.

callie! said...

Good lord, Rita Repulsa. I loved Power Rangers. It is okay if you do real work instead of personal. one must eat!

Anonymous said...

Check out his living space ship too... Blitzspear. It's so cool.
Kev O'Neil draws Nemesis like no one else... so sweet.

Abby Ryder said...

Started collection one, and he's just busting out all the rebel and alien prisoners while being awesome and playing some kind of giant evil organ of doom. This is all kinds of ace!

Callie: yeah I don't know what it is about Rita. She just always cracks me up.