Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Easter sketches, Birds and Gumbo.

I spent Easter weekend with Dave and family on a trip to the Cotswolds. Very quaint and charming! On Sunday we went to a falconry park and I decided that it would be a great exercise to attempt to draw a load of jittery birds. You'd think the owls at least would keep still, but they kept turning their heads away as soon as I'd start sketching.

See, I'm not just about drawing robots and aliens and superheroes. Sometimes I'll draw sensible things.

I do like wildlife, I genuinely enjoy drawing animals now and then. But really...

...birdies just aren't quite as fun as giant cartoon knights chopping up cannibal teddy bears.

I did a lot of Gumbo work this weekend but can't post those sketches just yet. Spoilers!


callie! said...

Stop it you! You are only allowed to draw insensible things.

Cadwell said...

The sketches of the owls are very well done, but that Gumbo piece is incredible.