Saturday, 4 April 2009

Kingpin, Jet Twins and Gumbo.

Today's sketching suggestion was another from Ian. Kingpin, keeping with the Marvel theme! Struggling with his legs really, hmm.

We got caught up with Transformers Animated series 3 and the urge to deface my sketchbook with drawings of all the new characters is very strong. Jetstorm and Jetfire here with their terrible accents and english, I hope they pop up in more episodes.

I'm overdue a finished piece for last week! It's nearly done but I got a bit carried away. I'm trying to not just resort to cel-shading these days. Though it's a look I generally enjoy I need to practice other styles, the monster in this Gumbo picture has gone a bit over the top. Here's a sneak at Gumbo himself though.


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the scary spider dragon thingy in that Gumbo piece.

Dig that Kingpin, he really needs the normal sized folks around him for the sense of scale.

callie! said...

I am starting to like Gumbo a lot. I kept reading his name as "Jumbo" for a while.