Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Exercising the colouring muscles.

Normally I would pop all things Nemesis Fleet onto, buuut I'm putting Shay up here first to prove that I do still draw! I sketched the original during a break at work and Dave inked it up for me all snazzy. I popped some quick colours on and huzzah!

The rest of the gang have had similar makeovers. Harpok is more chavvy. Lazul is balder than ever. It's just grand! So if time allows, I'll have them all on the other blog during the weekend.

Paul Ridgon gave me some of his kickass Transformers pages to colour last week and it's been awesome fun. It's something nice to work on for my portfolio when I have some spare time. But it's very different to what I usually get to colour, hence my excitement when I got them! So I'm quite keen for feedback on this first page I've done. Does it work? Did I girly it up somehow?!


Anonymous said...

This Transformers page looks awfully familiar... ;)

Good stuff!


Unknown said...

Really nice job on the colours Abby, looking really nice, can't wait to see the rest!

Abby Ryder said...

Thanks both! I'll try and get more up this weekend. I think the original pages were from Transformers magazine 12 right? I will check as soon as I get home.

Unknown said...

Lovelly page, lovelly colours. My my.