Sunday, 2 November 2008

But will the film be any good?!

Just finished a colouring job and got my friends to start setting me little challenges again. Characters I'd not normally think about drawing. I'm also back on getting portfolio work done. So a quick one to start the week, some Watchmen inspired doodles. Since the trailer went online a few months back I have had a crazy amount of people come to my shop after the book. So whether the film comes out good or not, at least a lot of new readers have ended up picking up this classic. Grand!

Who watched Dead Set last week? I'll be having nightmares about zombies for weeks.


Unknown said...

With the stuff you're doing Abby, you're wasted in retail (even if it is in a comic store)! These Watchmen sketches are really great!

Unknown said...

Gotta love the Dan Dreiberg. Lovelly stuff