Monday, 13 October 2008

October Already?!?

This year has passed way too quickly for my liking. However I was pleased to see the latest issue of Tom and Jerry magazine is out, and it's the Halloween issue! I do love themed issues. A couple of years ago Dave and I were working on something called Zap, a videogame review magazine for young readers. Drawing the Christmas story for that was an absolute blast. Ahh, I think one of the robot characters accidentally shot Father Christmas with a heat seeking missile*. Great fun!

I will update my website with finished work but the whole thing needs an overhaul. So until I have finished removing all of the pink (what was I thinking?!) I'll be updating this place with all of my images. So here are my colours for the latest Tom and Jerry. Pencils by Lee Carey and inks by Bambos Georgiou.

*He was fine! Yeesh. As if you could kill Father Christmas with a heat seeking missile. Only the Anti-Santa can kill Santa.