Sunday, 5 October 2008

Birmingham International Comics Show

GOSH where do we start?!

Dave Bulmer and myself went to the convention as part of the Manchester Comix Collective. Lord of our table was the ever classy Adam Cadwell, a good friend and fantastic artist. Liz Lunney and Chris Doherty also had their fantastic works on sale. It was wonderful meeting them, and honestly if you didn't pick up their work this weekend please go to their websites and BUY THEIR COMICS.

Saturday was insane and I think I ended up just exhausting myself, running around desperately trying to see everyone. There were so many great people there. We were opposite Dinkybox (lovely chaps, I adored them) and the Beep-Beep Car Company (run by former fellow Travelling Man lady and her wonderful Bristol crew). Either side of us, Reaper Comics and Matthew Craig. I kept rushing past New Think comics, you had such a cool set up displaying your books! Ninja Bunny comics, I totally never came back to buy your stuff. I am hitting your website as soon as possible! Wish, wish I'd taken more time to talk to you all.

On Saturday, after putting some buisness cards with sketches on our table, I was asked to do my first con sketch. Holy cow.

Thank you very much Sir! I was nervous doing both of these, but very happy too. It really made my weekend!

Dave and Liz!

I wish I has more photos to show but I completely messed up my camera settings and so most of my images are pretty useless. Rubbish! I'm sure Dave has been complaining wildly on his own blog.

Speaking of Dave. Buisness for comics on Saturday had been pretty poor, but Sunday! Sunday was grand all round! The great and mighty Genki Gear came round before opening times and kicked it off, nabbing themselves a copy of The Demon Tomato. But the best customer of the day award goes to this awesome girl.

KIDS READING COMICS! This is what we want! I wish we'd got your name, it was really nice talking to you. We hope to see you at future cons, still reading comics.

Will and Tom Fickling of the DFC! We spent a bit too long bothering everyone a this table. It's your own fault for all being well good. Always great to see Dave Windett, I hope you've since had a decent night's sleep. Emma Vieceli was lovely! Flip, I didn't get to chat to everyone. We got caught up chatting to Bob and Lorenzo Etherington and EVERYONE who has been to a UK con ever knows what it's like when you start talking to them.

Here are some of the DFC crew at their panel.

I just want to list off all the great people I saw. Nigel Kitching, Nigel Dobbyn, Richard Elson, everyone at Future Quake, Duncan Fegredo, Lee Garbett, Paul Ridgon, I wish I'd had more time to talk to all of you! Now I'd better go get drawing before my cynicism slams back in. No! First I need to write to you dudes before Dave recovers and steals the computer. His is away being fixed still!


Emsie said...

Hey you~! It was great to meet you and I'm so sorry I didn't get to your table...where did the time go?
LOVED your portfolio and thank you for the Cap sketch :)

Pirate Phil said...

Was lovely to see you too. Swing by Ninja Bunny for the big strip 300 and a brand new look heard it hear first!

Anonymous said...

Ah bugger, wish I'd known you were going to be there, we could have met.

Next year? :)

Abby Ryder said...

Am I a blog-idiot or is there no way to reply to you guys and your comments at all? Blinking heck, it's a simple thing!