Friday, 2 October 2009

Harrods Toy Catalogue

Hey everyone! Cor, that's a few new people isn't it. Hello there! It's been an enjoyably busy few months here but I'm determined to make more drawing time for myself. So there should be some regular updates again around here.

Since I last posted I've finished my colouring work on Kingdom for 2000AD, coloured some Tom and Jerry magazines and ventured out to the Birmingham Comics Show with the Manchester Comix Collective. Had a fantastic time meeting everyone and I'll be doing a little report on all the lovely people I met, along with all their fantastic comics too. Although I didn't have Imaginary Gumbo finished in time I took some prints and preview pages and was really touched by the response it got. People seemed to really take to our big stompy knight and his battle with the bears. Rockin!

One of the other projects I've been busy with recently was this cover to the new Harrods toy catalogue. This was so much fun to do despite some technical problems. When I went to London to take photos in the store my camera chose that day to give up on life. While I was colouring the piece my external hard drive waved a white flag in defeat. The catalogue should be available now and nothing makes me happier at this time of year than a big book full of pictures of toys. Mmm. Toys. I'm still waiting for those last few Transformers Animated toys to come out...


Anonymous said...

Nice! Glad to hear you overcame technical difficulties.


Cj Howker said...

AWESOME! :D looks great Abby... oooh Harrod's.. what next?? ;)