Wednesday, 9 September 2009

2000 AD Hijinks.

So I can't apologise enough for the lack of updates here recently. I hope I have a good enough reason for my absence, a nice big stack of work to get through! Sadly this has meant I won't have Imaginary Gumbo printed for BICS in October, but I'll still be there with the MCC and my portfolio, looking forward to meeting everyone. On the other hand my bloke Dave has issue 2 of The Demon Tomato whizzing off to the printers right now, fingers crossed that we will have it here in time!

I've been working on a few exciting things but first I'll tell you about my 2000AD work. It's my first time doing anything for Tharg and co and I'm massively excited about it! Not only is it colouring work for 2000AD but I'm colouring for my hero and friend Richard Elson, on a story written by (cor!) Dan Abnett. I feel extremely lucky and hope I do justice to Richard's lovely line work. What he's sent me so far is yummyscrumptious...have I embarrassed him enough yet? ;)

I'm colouring the last six parts of the twelve-part story, which has already started running in the comic. You can see Rich's own gorgeous colours right now in the current issue, but you should also pick up the previous Kingdom trade:

It's bad ass and has giant nasty lookin bug things and dog soldiers and fabulous puns from Mr Abnett. Awesome! Now, back to sketching and colouring I go.


Richmond A Clements said...

Wow! Nice one- Kingdom's one of my favourite strips ever!

(And we've got the original art for that cover hanging on our wall!)

standardman said...

Wow, congratulations!

standardman said...

Also - and at the risk of making someone feel terribly old - I just realised that Richard Elson was my favourite artist on Sonic the Comic back when I was only standardboy.

Abby Ryder said...

Thanks guys! I love Kingdom too so when I found out what Rich wanted me to colour I got extra excited.

And standardman yep, I read that as a girl and used to copy his pages when I was teaching myself how to draw comics. :D Don't tell him though!

Nik Vincent said...

Hi Abby -Go you! Kingdom is a huge favourite of mine! Have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 2000AD work. Really, really pleased for you.

Peter Richardson said...

Well I remember Richard's work on Sonic, he was par excellence, the best ever artist they had on the strip back in the days when Jon Haward was drawing Shinobi and I was scribbling away on the ultra violent (my mum nearly disowned me) Streets of Rage.

All seems a very long time ago now - sigh... But I'm really looking forward to seeing your colouring on Richard's line work - sounds like a really fun job.