Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Thought Bubble

Although I won't be at Leeds this weekend myself Dave will be there representing the both of us. He'll have issues one and two of his Demon Tomato comic for sale and lots of prints of our artwork. With Christmas on the way we decided to get some prints made from our last Advent Calendar in particular. So, if you're like us and tend to get the Christmas Sillies, you might enjoy some of this nonsense:

I'll make Dave put up some of his calendar prints on his blog later, his Christmassy cartoons are hysterical! Look for our table on Saturday then: Dumpy Little Robot.

Leigh Gallagher very kindly gave me a shout out over on his blog and posted some snippets of artwork from his fantastic Judge Dredd story. It's my second colouring job for 2000AD and it's been brilliant fun so far! It'll be in the Megazine at some point soon...whoo!