Monday, 13 July 2009

Ninja Invasion Day One: Zool!

I wanted to kick my blog back into regular updates so I'm thinking about giving myself a theme each week. This week I'll draw a ninja every day up to the weekend. I decided to start silly, anyone else fancy a Chupa Chup now?


Unknown said...


Zool has been my gaming name since back in the day, great to see a bit of alove for the Intersteller Cosmos Dwellar (and Ninja of the Nth Dimension)

Anonymous said...

I like the eyes.

Heh, cool Zool

Abby Ryder said...

Cool Zool skips school to play pool. It was such a weird game, I could never pick between having the music on or the sound effects. Having the sound effects meant you had that awful heartbeat sound. But just having the music and no effects pulled you out of the game.

Next ninja should be up tonight. Ooo! Who's it going to be! :D

Cj Howker said...

now you know im not trying to hurt your feelings or belittle your drawing, god knows i need improvement but Im having a little difficulty with a character im drawing at the moment, and you seem to have hit it too..

his left foot. purely for constructive crit, his foot looks off. i imagine you'd be going for a bendy perspective distorsted action pose, but like with my drawin.. im tryin for it to be accurate to life(and physics and biology) but it dont feel right..

other than that.. zool was possibly one of the coolest characters ever (after sonic and coolspot) :P

Abby Ryder said...

OH NO! I will leave the internet forever, how could you hurt my feelings so and tell me I'm not perfect?! *sob*

Plonker, this is why I have the blog! I need picking apart so I can make this stuff better, even if it is bendy cartoony stuff it still needs grounding. I agree about the foot completely, it looks awkward on the little tyke. I feel like it needs to tilt a little more towards us? Maybe?

Cj Howker said...

when i talk crit to you abby, i worry because im just a wannabe artist at the moment but your actually out there drawin for a livin.. part time ;) :) x