Friday, 19 June 2009

Transformers Sequentials.

This is something I did a little while back to work on my sequentials a bit and also to try something very much outside my comfort zone. Attempting to draw the live action movie Transformer designs! I'm not really sure how successful an experiment this has been but I did enjoy it a lot. I'm inking these now and intend to colour them too just for my portfolio.

These are based on a script from the UK Titan Transformers magazine, the latest issue is a great hopping on point for newcomers!

I'm going to keep working on my sequentials, I'd like to get a lot better at my story telling. And backgrounds. I'm off work for a week now and intend to do a lot of practising...

Friday, 12 June 2009

Doodle day!

Still colouring, still work I can't post! So I've been sketching on the bus going to work lately, just to practise my posing.

This is the nonsense I spout when I plan pictures and layouts. I'm thinking about the cover for my Princess Deedot comic.

And at Travelling Man comics night last night I was mainly working on some portfolio pages but managed to fit in more superhero doodling. Mister Miracle and Big Barda! When I've finished reading olde 2000 AD comics I'm thinking of picking up those lovely Fourth World Omnibus hardcovers. I love Kirby designs but have never read Fourth World. Madness!

Dave asked why Mister Miracle was wearing a mermaids bra. :(

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Mild progress!

Just a quickie, and fellow Twitterers have seen these I think, but I'm a bit swamped by colouring work! I inked Death's Head, and picked a happy Gumbo preview panel.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Gumbo plus some MANLY BLOKE STUFF.

Well as much as I do manly. Which is not very manly, though I try my best! Firstly here is that Gumbo page completed:


And now Kirby's Machine Man. I guess it's kinda manly, ROBOTS. WHUURRRGH!

And finally Deaths Head. HURRR! MANLY ROBOT BOUNTY HUNTER oh wait he's all cartoony looking...

Ian requested those last two characters. Deaths Head was suggested a while back, and specifically in a Transformers Animated sort of style. I don't know if Mr Wyatt would have done a Deaths Head like this though, this is just a basic 'make Deaths Head sortof bendy' thing. I wonder if he has this dude hidden in his sketchbook somewhere?