Monday 18 October 2010

BICS 2010

Oh dear. I don't think we were very popular at BICS this year...

JUST KIDDING! This is what our spot actually looked like:

Hurrah! We had a fantastic time at BICS this year and Hall 2 felt just right. We had great company with us, our friend Tom joined us as part of team Dumpy Little Robot and took us down. Helped us with boxes, watched our table, found amazing food places and was his usual fantastic self. He's on Twitter as @ThermobaricTom and you should all go and say hi!

We also met up with Lydia of Genki-Gear, the best and coolest indie T-shirt business in the UK I'll have you darn well know. Check out the site. It's full of fantastic geek and anime inspired designs!

We were also lucky enough to have great company around our table. Jenna Whyte next to us with her buddy, selling some beautiful prints:

On our other side, Scott Stanford and Catherine with his novel Dorothy, The Darker Side of Oz. Again, the loveliest people:

Opposite us were Jason Cobley (DFC, Captain Winston Bulldog) and Neill Cameron (also of the DFC!). We ended up chatting about all ages comics and I left with a lovely selection of books from them both. Here's Jason and his table:

And not forgetting all the other great tables in hall 2, I sadly didn't get enough time to go around to see everyone but Jess Bradley, Josh, Louise Ho, Will Kirkby, and Nigel Dobbyn I'd like to give a shout out to. Plus of course the Etherington bros, Cinebooks and Fetishman in Hall 1 who I briefly got to visit!

We also had visits from the lovely Lizz Lunney, Den Patrick and Lew Stringer, and a whole host of friendly sorts who really seemed to enjoy our work! Dave did well with The Demon Tomato and we got a lot of good reactions to Imaginary Gumbo. I also ended up doing a lot more sketch commissions than I'd expected, here are the ones I managed to take pictures of.

Power Girl!

Simon of Legacy Comics in Halifax, long-time fan of the Gumbo idea, asked for a sketch of Gumbo. :)

On Saturday I drew Deadpool riding a pot-bellied pig. It sold pretty quickly so had to think of something funnier than a pig to follow up with:

After the reception of Deadpool on a pig/Deadpool on a tortoise, I decided to ruin Batman:

But Batman approves!!!

Awww Batman! :3

And then he was snapped up by the lovely Britt here!

Her lovely bloke Paul then wanted a sketch too. He thought Emma Frost having a nice cup of tea would be just right. I felt that the lady might also enjoy some half-coated chocolate digestive biscuits.

And a close-up:

Leather jackets, hell yea!

I don't think nice Batman would like this one. :(

And Adam here asked Dave and myself to do portraits to add to his collection:

There were some people and sketches I have probably missed, it was all a bit of a whirl but I hope everyone who came by over the weekend knows that we had a smashing time and loved meeting all of you! And if I got someone's name wrong feel free to tell me off. :)


Cj Howker said...

awesom-o! :D i shall have to get off of my ass one year and come visit! or maybe even thoughtbubble! :)

looks great, love the pics :D

Aldous said...

Thanks for the mention! I was helping out at the Cinebook stall and I remember having a nice chat with you.

Abby Ryder said...

Thanks Chris, I hope you can make it to Thought Bubble, it's going to be awesome! :)

And hallo Aldous, lovely to hear from you and great speaking to you on Saturday! It would have been nice to come back around to your stand on Sunday but I got a bit swamped. It's always great seeing the Cinebook table! Love the books. :)

Jared said...

Wow. Best Emma Frost EVER.

It was a pleasure seeing you and admiring your work. We're very excited to follow Gumbo's adventures.

Yolanda Barker said...

Great blog! Keep those creative juices flowing.

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