Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sketch Cards

Holy moly, an update! It's been a busy few weeks and my sketchbook has been getting lonely. Extra days at the shop mixed in with colouring more Tom and Jerry. I have managed to get a little bit of personal work done but I'm still not as close as I'd like to finishing this spanking new portfolio my brain is envisioning. And Nemesis Fleethas slowed to a crawl for now. The crawl of a dead, rotting fish.

Dave has been dishing out drawings all over the place for his December project however, the productive git! I can't wait for him to post that stuff up. And though I've been stuck at work I've been making a lot of these little buisness cards to promote the blog. People like em! It's fun giving my customers something like this, and it's been a good exercise. My sketches have been growing in confidence.

Batman is the most popular. This is not even remotely surprising.

Coming later this week: Nemesis Fleet development (honestly!), more Tom and Jerry colours and, of course, some Transformers.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Election Night Catwoman

Jaime's suggestion today for my doodles, a good old fashioned Old School Catwoman! Mrowr!

Sketch week! Day number two.

Onto some suggestions from my friend Tom now. We're going old school Japanese! While I did attempt a classic Godzilla for him I had trouble finding references, so he'll be along later in the week. It's a robot themed day instead starting with Astro Boy.

I don't really know this Spectreman dude, but as soon as I Googled up some photos yesterday I knew I loved him already. He's kinda fantastic, I'm now inspired to do an Ultraman/Jet Jaguar/Spectreman-Super-Team-Up-Unite picture. Something goofy and awesome.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

But will the film be any good?!

Just finished a colouring job and got my friends to start setting me little challenges again. Characters I'd not normally think about drawing. I'm also back on getting portfolio work done. So a quick one to start the week, some Watchmen inspired doodles. Since the trailer went online a few months back I have had a crazy amount of people come to my shop after the book. So whether the film comes out good or not, at least a lot of new readers have ended up picking up this classic. Grand!

Who watched Dead Set last week? I'll be having nightmares about zombies for weeks.